Montréal Shambhala Centre depends on your help

We hope that all of you are safe and healthy in the context of the reality of a world turned upside down.

As you can imagine, the current period presents a financial challenge for our centre. Although we have reduced expenses to a minimum, fixed expenses remain. Given the temporary physical closure of the centre, our sole income is from the monthly contributions of members and friends.

We had succeeded in creating a rich and renewed program for 2019-2020 and the situation was going well. None of us could have predicted what is happening now, which is why we are asking you for financial support, while recognizing that in these difficult times many of you may also be experiencing difficulties. Thanks to the sustained efforts of all our volunteers, we are improving our online offerings.

We believe that the Montréal Shambhala Meditation Centre has something precious to offer everyone, especially in times of crisis. Dharma and sangha are gems to be preserved and we want to continue to share the teachings with as many people as possible.

Warm thanks for your support,

The Governance Council and
The Financial Support Committee,
Montréal Shambhala Centre

You can help stabilize our financial situation in several ways:

All donations and regular contributions over $20
qualify for a charitable donation tax credit.
1 become a supporter
If you are not currently a member or friend of our center, becoming a supporter until we are able to resume our regular programming. We suggest a monthly donation of $25 or more, depending on your ability*.
These donations could replace the offerings that would normally go in our “gold box", located at the reception.
2 become a member
Becoming a member in good standing ensures stable income, essential to financial health. The suggested monthly contribution is from $40 to $60*.
3 increase monthly giving
If you are already a member or friend of the center, consider increasing your current monthly contribution by an additional $ 25 / month* or as your circumstances allow.
4make a one‑time offering

By clicking on "I want to contribute monthly"
you will be directed to a contribution form.

* Donations and regular contributions over $20 are eligible for a charitable donation tax credit.

For example, 12 monthly payments of $25 = $300 donated annually – tax credit = actual cost to you of approximately $180, or $15/month.

Here is the link for a charitable donation calculator to find out the real cost of your donation, after taxes: